What Our Clients Say

On Time and ready for anything

Bob impressed me from the start. He got to the site before I did – and found that the electrical outlets next to the band stand were in fact, DEAD. No problem- he calmly approached the restaurant manager – they found an outlet on the 3rd floor and dropped an extension cord down.”I always bring an extra extension or two, you never know”  I’d hire him again – he really helped our sound, balancing the vocals and the soloists expertly. I highly recommend Highlander Media. – John Dean, John Dean Jazz Ensemble

Hired him once, then kept hiring him

We’ve been working with Bob for about 2 years now on 10+ occasions. Any time we get a gig that needs production, he’s the first guy we call. He’s got great equipment, is very reliable, and always shows up early to get set up before we even arrive!  – Matt Duty, Soundtown Baltimore

Great sound, very professional

Arrived earlier than the agreed upon time and was already set-up. Taped down all wires for safety like a pro. Accommodated me when I wanted to move a few things. Ran a sound check with us. As per my request, brought speakers that were small to not block/distract from the stage.  – Gabrielle Moskey, Bob Sood Comedy Club

Excellence, Professionalism, & Personality at its best!

This is my 2nd time having Highlander Media support my ensemble, Nootana. We were in a bit of a crunch time wise after misinformation from our venue about sound, but as before, Highlander Media came through with 5 star service and quality!

I would recommend their services to anyone in the DC area looking for not just a “sound guy” but a full service business – from tech week help to day of and after event help, Highlander Media was 5-stars at all moments – even helping with lighting questions or general stage guidance when we had them – Above and beyond what was expected! – Rishi Das, Nootana

Highlander for Corporate Event

I recently worked with Highlander on an outdoor event and could not have been more pleased with the audio service and customer service. I’ll be seeing Highlander again today for work on a similar event and will hire them again in the future! – Nicole Golvala, Stratacomm